No Immigrati a San Bonifacio

A Banner – August 2015
No Immigrati a San Bonifacio. No immigrants in San Bonifacio. A banner carrying the badge of CasaPound. Who or what is CasaPound? It is an Italian right wing organisation that is more than just anti-immigrant, see the Wikipedia entry and an interview with its founder. A kind of street-level political movement, just one thread of which is anti-immigration laws.
The banner is attached to the gate of the old Ospedale Civile, the civic hospital in San Bonifacio, which these days looks like it might be a centre where immigrants are housed.
And are there lots of immigrants in San Bonifacio? Yes, lots. Of many different origins. You see them especially on market day.
On the T-shirt of the black man in a pale blue T-shirt it says ‘Sqwaw Valley Avalanche’ That is Sqwaw not Squaw. Could be a hand-me-down, but whatever it is, its meaning is indeed cryptic.
And has that graffiti been there since 24/6/00? Quite possibly. As graffiti goes, it’s actually quite a design. No idea what it means, just treat it as a shape.
This little girl is the daughter of the stallholder. She saw me getting my camera out of my bag and came and wanted to look what I had in the bag. Nothing at all, by that time, because all that had been in it was the camera. If your parents are working hard all day, then how do you spend your time? Being curious is no bad thing perhaps, in principle.
Most people are buying fried fish from the left side of the van, as opposed to fresh fish from the right side, it’s market day in San Bonifacio. African immigrant looking on thinking who knows what?

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